Sunday 13th to Sunday 20th October 2013.
A week of concerts, workshops, exhibitions and more.

Includes the Town Hall Ceilidh, Dunedin's largest barndance event.

Featuring, from Australia, Enda Kenny and Lindsay Martin.
Welcome to the 5th Dunedin Celtic Arts Festival, representing a wide range of arts and activities with something for everyone. We celebrate who we have become generations on from the first Scottish settlers; forward-looking and contemporary, while acknowledging the legacy of our ancestors and the Treaty of Waitangi.

To visitors to our town, haere mai, filte, welcome! The festival is for everyone, visitor and citizen alike. Filte gu Fis Cheilteach Dun Eidean.
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Enda Kenny & Lindsay Martin

The Town Hall Ceilidh

In association with Radio Dunedin.